Dogs are sweet, Dogs are cute, Dogs are companions, Dogs are loyal.

If you are thinking of owning a dog and do not have time for it, then you are a bad owner. Dogs need reassurance as they need companionship and treats when they are good. You can always train a dog when they are young. But do not forget the old dog that is looking for love.

I own a dog and he is a devil, but the main thing is that I love him and would never be without.


What is normal and unnatural at the same time, the answer is everything. This is because what you see is something that others can not explain, it is the fundamentals of the whole universe, but what if the universe was not just deepspace but a recorder for everything that everything does, just to play it again. Hense the big bang. What if whatever was and is, is again. Just to make small attempts at having minor discrepancies for those moments to change and have a different course of actions that was never was and never is at this moment. We know that we have choices to do what it is that we want to do. We know that we can change our minds and change our actions. But what if we could do this each time the universe starts and stops just to start once more.


Only the motion of the ocean can tell of the vast amount of space and volume of Water this whole planet can hold. But if you think of Global Warming and the ice caps melting, then yes you will see many places going under water.

Hinderance aside, how can we have that much water and still live. It is said that the microscopic creatures that roam the waters produce about 50% of the oxygen for our cause. This is through photosynthesis.

If life did not exist then what would happen in the known universe. Perhaps life would still evolve into beings that have the capacity to understand their surroundings.

But perhaps if we strove to look after our own ecosystem then we may live a long life as the sun will not always be here.



New day New night, New morning New afternoon. New is the olds New.

Rivers sway, Rivers wonder. Rivers flow with all might.

Listen and you shall be heard, Speak but only when spoken to.


Learning Is easy

When we are born we learn at an alarming rate, mainly through sound and touch at first. The once we are growing and the need for comfort leaves us as babies, we learn to move our bodies on the floor to then crawl. Once we crawl we then need to stand by holding onto an object.

Then one day we start to put one foot in front of the other and learn through balance as to walk a small distance at first.

Once we learn all the characteristics of being a baby and fundamentals of achieving a good balance of being at one with the world and being average, we can then just start to grow. But speech is important to many and once our first words are spoken we strive to learn new words and learn their meanings from speaking them and asking questions.

So on a whim, we constantly ask questions about the world around us from our mothers or fathers opinions.  But learning is what we should.

There are many morning learning principles in that the people we meet or creatures we obtain, we learn and learn from them also.

So do not say learning is hard as it is easy in understanding from one aspect to another.

Fire and Water

Everyone knows of the myth of Fire and water, but who truly knows where it came from. Yes, you can get burnt from fire and Drown in Water. Every Creature should have instincts as to self-prevalence from birth. Yet many do not know of harms of eating bad and dangerous things.

Which takes me to Never play with Fire nor Water unless you are trained to do so.

As I Walk

Humans are born with the ability to grow and then to walk. Although the first initiations into walking take and make a baby able to put one foot in front of the other. Then once this is achieved and remembered, that baby will walk most of the time instead of crawling.

I walk I talk, I walk I run, I walk I leap. I walk into the sun with no fear.

You Are Golden

Think of a time that you had the most fun. This is the time that things happened and all was good, but you may have had some thoughts as to what may go wrong. Then once everything moved and the laughter broke, you found out that you may never get the same opportunity to gain the same event.

Not to worry, as We are Golden. Meaning the memories of them acts gives us purpose to try and make others feel the same with having fun and laughter in their lives.


So I shall say it once more You Are Golden.

Willow in the tree

Blossom blooms in the summer day, Flowers showing a variety of colours. Looking up and down at displays in summer gardens, One must obey. Learning the Latin names of years gone past, we just make them up as we go along.

Willows grow to heights one must climb.

Tree of might

For those who like to try and get a footing in the door of life, cast your eyes on the ground. This will only help you to assume that life starts somewhere, the ground is a metaphor for the beginnings of anything, this beginning is just what you want. The ground can be placed anywhere or anytime.

We as humans like to climb a ladder for finance, somewhat of job hunting for a better paycheck. That is why this is entitled Tree of might. As a tree needs to grow and get stronger and taller to gain the photosynthesis of life.